The Emerald Coast is blessed with a number of environmentally engaged citizens groups or associations with particular and often parallel interests.  The Alliance brings together like-minded active, committed civic and other groups, businesses and environmentally engaged institutions to support concerted grass root actions to achieve a healthier environment and plastics free waters along the Emerald Coast through environmental stewardship, education/outreach, business engagement, and broad community involvement.


The Alliance seeks to enhance the prospects for the success of participants’ own programs while bringing people and groups together to ensure a better environment for all.

Participants are pursuing collaborative efforts with regard to:

  • reducing marine debris,

  • promoting environmentally friendly business practices,

  • heightening public awareness through education and outreach,

  • sharing information on legislative and regulatory developments, and

  • undertaking joint projects where interests coincide.

The Alliance will work in parallel and partnership with established government programs and efforts.