Celebrating Earth Day with the Launch of the new Alliance

It’s exciting to welcome you to our Alliance web site, specifically to our blog. 

I thought it was appropriate to launch today with a post conveying links to the much appreciated articles in the Pensacola News Journal Earth Day coverage of our efforts to create the Alliance and to encourage public interest in the valuable work of so many organizations and individuals.

Please take a moment to catch the Alliance spirit via these two links to the April 22 PNJ:



It’s also a pleasure to note that Alliance numbers are already growing, with two organizations joining the initial eight since last week’s founding meeting; we hope and expect more to consider becoming a part of the effort.

Look for interesting and relevant environmental news in this spot over the weeks and months ahead, and we will explore ways to make the site a “must visit” part of your day to day routine. 

It’s a special day for us within the Alliance, and we hope that momentum continues to build.

Coordinator ECCWA